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Nick Lachey is enlisting the public’s help after an employee of his cincinnati sports bar was shot in the face thanksgiving morning.

Elizabeth (Ellie) Richardson, 27, was walking near the bar, Lachey’s, early Thursday when the shooter called out to her from a black van.

ellie richardson works at Nick Lachey’s cincinnati sports bar lachey’s.


As Richardson approached the van, she was shot in the face and subsequently hospitalized with serious injuries to her face and jaw, cincinnati police department spokesman sgt. Steve Saunders told local ABC affiliate WCPO.

A fundraising page set up for the newly-engaged mother of one said Richardson is currently in stable condition, but has a long road to recovery ahead of her.

Lachey took to social media Saturday to share Richardson’s story with his followers, and urged them to help track down her shooter and donate to her page.

“Ellie is the brightest light and she will find a way to shine through this darkness. Anyone with information, help us find some justice,” he wrote. “Please help Ellie and her family get through this difficult time. Thank you!!”

The singer, 44, opened Lachey’s in 2015 with his younger brother — and fellow 98 Degrees band member — Drew in their hometown.

Drew, 41, also chimed in on social media, pleading with his followers to come forward with any potential information regarding the suspect, who police say is a man in his 20s with gold-rimmed glasses and a light beard.

“As some of you may have heard, Ellie was the victim of a vicious assault. If u have any info about it please contact the authorities or u can help her on her recovery by donating. Thank you and please keep her in your prayers,” he wrote on Twitter.

Richardson’s YouCaring page had almost $20,000 of its $50,000 goal as of Sunday morning.

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