Goggin reforms improve Minnesota health insurance market – Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus (press release)


Health care reforms championed by Senate Republicans during the 2017 legislative session have led to a dramatic reversal for Minnesota’s individual health care market, according to new numbers confirmed today by the Minnesota Department of Commerce.

According to the Department of Commerce announcement, statewide rate changes for Minnesotans on the individual market in 2018 will range from a 38% decrease to a maximum 3% increase. Last year, premium rates increased as much as 67%. Additionally, every person who wants to buy insurance on the individual market will have that option, with insurers offering plans in every county and no caps on enrollment, unlike 2017.

Senator Mike Goggin (R-Red Wing) released the following statement:

“Soaring health care costs have been a real problem for my constituents, many of whom are farmers and small business owners on the individual market. There was no issue I heard about more frequently during my first term in office. I remember watching last fall as the commerce commissioner warned that our health care market was on the brink of collapse; I’m proud that in only one session, Republican reforms like the premium security plan and emergency premium relief have led to such a remarkable reversal in Minnesota’s health care market. There’s still more work to be done, but it’s important that families are seeing relief so fast.”

2018 mnsure rates

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