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Line Drive Strikes Young Girl in the Face at Yankee Stadium

The incident is the latest to occur this season at Yankee Stadium, where protective netting has not yet been extended to the far end of both dugouts.

The Geography of college football fans (and Realignment Chaos

Sep 19, 2011 In other words, on a per-capita basis, there are probably about 5 times as many football fans in Birmingham as there are in New York.

Alternative Movie Posters: Fan Art We Love

Artists’ odes to favorite films are increasingly valuable. It’s “like a keith haring knockoff becoming more popular than the original,” an expert says.

Fans.Com Is a Place to Talk About Concerts

An entrepreneur bets there is room in the crowded social media space for at least one more platform.

New York Times fans sponsored 209,000 student subscriptions in 8 days

Feb 17, 2017 Since The New York Times launched a program that allows supporters to sponsor digital student subscriptions last week, the program has

The New York Times’ geographical fan maps highlight america’s Racially Divided Music Taste

The paper created 50 maps of musicians’ geographic popularity using YouTube data.

Trump Praises Nascar Fans and Again Rails Against N.F.L. Protests

President Trump says he is “so proud” of Nascar supporters for not putting up with “disrespecting” the country or flag.

“Modern Love” Fans Are Going To Fall Head-Over-Heels For These 16 Books

Since October of 2004 readers have been flocking to the New York Times — not for the latest breaking scoop or political analysis (which the daily has been printing since all the way back in September of 1851) but for the Times’ weekly Modern Love col…

Young Adult novel fans uncovered a huge scam on the new york times bestseller list

Out of nowhere, a young adult novel, Handbook for Mortals, shot up to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. Then YA Twitter went to work.

TheSkimm, an Email Newsletter, Draws Fans Like Oprah Winfrey – and Investors

After leaving NBC News, two news fans created a compelling newsletter with a fresh voice, drawing more than a million active readers.

New York Times Scores With Game of Thrones Fans; BuzzFeed Tip-Toes Into Ecommerce – Sailthru

Media brands are finding readers, revenue, and popularity in unexpected places. This week we’ll see how The New York Times is capitalizing on Game of Thrones, and how BuzzFeed is making hay out of overhead food videos, those high-speed culinary demonstrations that make any recipe look easy. Then we’ll see how Hearst is using Best …

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