Checking Your Blood Glucose

Keep a daily log and help your healthcare provider assess your diabetes treatment plan.

Blood Sugar Monitoring: When to Check and Why – Diabetes Self-Management

Diabetes treatment requires active participation by the person who has it. Find out what the recommended glucose levels are and when to monitor.

Diabetes and blood sugar testing

WebMD explains blood sugar testing and diabetes.

How to test your blood sugar

To check your blood sugar level, gather your blood glucose meter, a test strip and your lancing device. Watch the video below or follow the steps outlined here. See how to prepare the meter and tes

Blood sugar testing: Why, when and how

Blood sugar testing is an important part of diabetes care. Understand the basics.

When to test your blood sugar

Checking your blood glucose as recommended can help you see how your meals, medications and activities affect your blood sugar. The american diabetes association (ADA) recommends that you routinely te

Am I Diabetic? How to Test Your Own Blood Sugar To Find Out

What you need to do is to test your blood sugar after you have eaten a meal that contains about sixty grams of carbohydrates. You can ask your doctor to test

How to test your blood glucose (sugar) levels

Watch a step by step guide on how to test your blood glucose levels. In order to perform a blood glucose test you will require your blood glucose meter, a te…

7 Blood Sugar Testing Mistakes to Avoid

Testing blood sugar seems simple enough, but there are fine points to master to get the best results. Learn about seven common blood sugar testing mistakes.

Tests for Glucose (Sugar) and HbA1c. Glucose intolerance tests

If your blood glucose (sugar) level remains high then you have diabetes. Learn about tests for Tests for Glucose (Sugar) and HbA1c.

11 Tips for Testing Your Blood Sugar at Home

Regular at-home testing can help you keep your diabetes under control.

Less-Ouch Blood Sugar Tests

The main tools used to check blood sugar levels include lancets and a lancing device. These are designed to make blood glucose testing as painless as

blood glucose monitoring – Wikipedia

Blood glucose monitoring is a way of testing the concentration of glucose in the blood (glycemia). Particularly important in diabetes management, a blood

Monitoring Your Blood Sugar Level –

Learn about blood tests you can use to monitor your blood sugar level.

Blood Glucose Monitoring: Tips to Monitor Your Blood Sugar Successfully

Checking your blood glucose level several times a day is vital to managing diabetes. Learn how to test your blood sugar, prevent sore fingertips, and more.

Infection Prevention during Blood Glucose Monitoring and Insulin

Jun 8, 2017 CDC is alerting all persons who assist others with blood glucose monitoring and/ or insulin administration of the following infection control

Blood Sugar Test

A blood sugar test measures the amount of sugar in your blood. This test helps diagnosis and manage diabetes.

Type 2 diabetes: Value of home blood sugar monitoring unclear – harvard health blog

A small study suggests that routine home testing of blood sugar may not improve control or quality of life, however, more research is needed.

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