Morbid fascination or genuine distress? Google searches for ‘World War 3’ at record high

An increasing number of people around the world seem to be preoccupied with thoughts of a global military conflict, as amid growing tensions in the international arena the number of web searches for ‘World War 3’ has hit the highest level ever.
Source: www.rt.com

WW3 may start soon, Soros warns, unless US loosens up on China

There’s a warning that World War 3 will erupt in just a few years – unless the US financial system loosens up on China. billionaire investor george soros say…
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News — RT

RT delivers latest news and current events from around the world including special reports, entertainment news and exclusive video.
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CrossTalk: Is world war iii on?

Civil wars in Syria and Ukraine, the threat of ISIS, and now protests in Hong Kong. So far the UN has prevented a war from breaking out between super powers
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World War III will start with Pentagon bombing of RT – Kusturica

Award-winning Serbian director and musician emir kusturica believes that when Washington eventually starts World War III, RT will become one of its first and primary targets, being an extremely powerful weapon challenging US state propaganda.
Source: www.rt.com

John Pilger on the Threat of World War Three (Going Underground)

Afshin Rattansi goes underground on the outcome of whoever wins the White House in November. Multi-award winning author and filmmaker john pilger gives his t…
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A world war has begun. Break the silence – John Pilger

I have been filming in the Marshall Islands, which lie north of Australia, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Whenever I tell people where I have been, they ask, “Where is that?” If I offer a clue by referring to “Bikini”, they say, “You mean the swimsuit.”
Source: www.rt.com

World War 3: Google searches on global military conflict at record high

Amid all the military rhetoric being talked about at present by the media and politicians, Google says searches of the term world war Three, have skyrocketed…
Source: www.youtube.com

World War 3? Furious Putin to ramp up Russia’s military training after NATO warning

VLADIMIR Putin is preparing to bolster Russia’s military training after condemning NATO’s plans to deploy more forces in Eastern Europe.
Source: www.express.co.uk

Russian propaganda effort helped spread ‘fake news’ during election, experts say

Researchers say sophisticated tools were used to boost Trump and undermine Clinton.
Source: www.washingtonpost.com

Russia Warns of ‘Negative Consequences’ Over Trump Syria Attack

Russia received advance warning of the Trump Syria attack and warned of negative consequences shortly before it as Putin defended Assad. Learn more about the Russian response.
Source: heavy.com

Kusturica predicted everything: Here’s how World War III will start and who will burn in the atomic infernos!

– Military experts do not dispute that Americans have the most organized army but there are unsolvable Puzzles for NATO generals who have named on russian rocke satan. It has three warheads that fly by order 11,000 kilometers away – wrote the Serbian film director | Telegraf.rs – Najnovije vesti iz zemlje i sveta
Source: www.telegraf.rs

World War 3: Russia Threatens to Treat US Jets in Syria as Targets – Live Trading News

World War 3: Russia Threatens to Treat US Jets in Syria as Targets Following the downing of a Syrian jet by an American plane, Russia has said it will treat US warplanes flying in parts of Syria where its own air force is operating as targets, it was reported Monday. The russian defense ministry also …
Source: www.livetradingnews.com

The Daily Star nearly started world war three, according to Russian state media

Russia Today has called out the Daily Star and the Daily Mail for creating a panic about World War Three. The state funded broadcaster russia today (RT) accused the British national papers of relying on an “unconfirmed report on a regional news site” to suggest that russian president vladimir putin had ordered the families of Russians be flown home.
Source: www.indy100.com

Why Has a kremlin-controlled news network Become a Hit in the West?

Coda asked westerners why they trust news from a network whose head has a direct phone line to the Kremlin.
Source: codastory.com

Las búsquedas en Google sobre la iii guerra mundial marcan un nuevo récord histórico

Los países anglosajones son los que han mostrado un mayor interés sobre este tema el último mes.
Source: actualidad.rt.com

70 years since end of world war ii

#Victory70: RT covers Russia’s celebration of victory over Nazism featuring unrivalled veteran testimony
Source: 9may.rt.com

Russian Armageddon Convoy Practices for World War III

If this were to happen for real—well, hope you have a fallout shelter nearby.
Source: www.popularmechanics.com

A Vote For Hillary is a Vote For World War 3

Do you stand
Source: www.infowars.com

Road To World War III: turkish army enters syria After Second Day

Feb 14, 2016 (as RT reports, “a video released by the Syrian Kurdish news agency ANHA and obtained by Ruptly shows damaged buildings and people
Source: www.zerohedge.com

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