shocking celebrity drug confessions!

Though not all partake in the dangerous world of drugs, there’s no denying that celebrities often have easier access to illegal substances. These stars, including Leonardo DiCaprio, George Clooney, Tina Fey, and Taylor Swift, have talked openly about drugs — both abstinence and addiction. See their shocking confessions!
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20 Celebrity Drug Confessions

If you could watch any celebrity pair get stoned together, who would it be?
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Demi Lovato, Angelina Jolie, and More Stars’ shocking drug confessions

It’s always shocking when a celebrity admits that they’re a recovered drug addict – especially because they managed to hide it so well in the…
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Celebrity Drug Confessions

A list of celebrities who have come clean about their experience with drugs and just loved the high.
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20 Celebrity Drug Confessions

If you could watch any celebrity pair get stoned together, who would it be?
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Ant McPartlin admits to drink and drugs addiction and says ‘I’m going to rehab’

The multi-millionaire star wept as he revealed his problems to his wife lisa armstrong and TV partner Dec
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20 Celebrity Drug Confessions

If you could watch any celebrity pair get stoned together, who would it be?
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Drug addiction, anorexia hell & suicide attempts: Why celebs went on Jeremy Kyle

MODEL Danielle Lloyd has said she wants to go on the jeremy kyle show with her ex-husband Jamie O’Hara. The former celebrity big brother housemate wants her estranged ex to take one of the sh…
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Celebrities who have died from addiction

Prince joins a lengthy list of stars whose lives have been cut short by drug use.
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Candid Confessions From 33 Celebrity Memoirs

Tina Fey, Amy Schumer, Rob Lowe, Alec Baldwin and Anne Heche are as candid as they come
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Nigella Lawson banned from entering US after drug confession

Celebrity chef Nigella Lawson was banned from flying to the US because she confessed to taking illegal drugs, according to a report.
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Busted! 100 Celebrities Arrested For Drug Possession – PopCrunch

There’s a common belief that drug laws mostly target the less wealthy, and while that’s probably true as a whole there are still plenty of rich and famous people who’ve run afoul of the law for simple possession. We’ve compiled 100 of the most famous celebrity drug busts of all time. Some you will have heard of, but many will surprise and shock you. On to the list: 100. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Played basketball for 20 years in the NBA! 1998– Paid fines after surrendering a small amount of marijuana at a Toronto airport. 2000– Arrested for driving under the influence of marijuana. Said he used it to help with the nausea from migraines. Yeah Yeah. Wipe the Doritos of your lips and tell me how I can get on that bandwagon. 99. Gregg Allman Part of The allman brothers band with *gasp* his brother Duane. 1976– Arrested on federal drug charges but got out of any penalties by agreeing to testify against a friend/tour manager/bodyguard. This understandably helped the rift in the band grow so Gregg did his o
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Nigella is barred from U.S. over drug confession: Domestic Goddess turned back at Heathrow trying to board L.A. flight

The 54-year-old ‘Domestic Goddess’ was forced to confess under oath during a trial last year that she had snorted cocaine seven times.
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Drugs, Sex, And Big Tips: Confessions Of A New York Bellhop

Curbed interviewed a native New Yorker and 16-year veteran of the hotel industry, an ex-bellhop who divided his career between two highbrow hotels in Midtown. Last year’s tell-all contained a few…
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Inside the hollywood drug scene: How Celebrities Get Their Fix

Anyone from club promoters, to drivers, to doormen, to VIP concierges can be “appropriately connected” with the “right people and help celebs get their illegal drugs.
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Celebs Who Rehabbed via Healthy Habits

These celebrities battled their addictions and won. The secret? Replacing their unhealthy addictions to pills, alcohol, and other drugs with healthy ones like exercising and eating right.
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Jack Tweed Reveals Drug Addiction And Suicidal Thoughts

Jack Tweed has revealed the truth about his struggle to cope, following t…
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