Who Is judge james l. Robart And Why Did He Block Trump’s Immigration Order?

Judge James L. Robart is an appointee of president george w. Bush who also noted last year that “black lives matter.”
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Judge in seattle halts trump’s immigration order nationwide; White House vows fight

A federal judge in Seattle on Friday ordered a national halt to enforcement of President Trump’s controversial travel ban on citizens from seven predominantly Muslim nations. The White House vowed to appeal the decision immediately.
Source: www.seattletimes.com

Why Judge Robart Blocked the Muslim Ban: There’s No Legal Way to Implement an Illegal Order

It’s over—for now. On Friday night, U.S. district judge james robart blocked the entirety of Donald Trump’s de facto Muslim ban from taking effect. His
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Federal judge declares ‘black lives matter’ during hearing over Seattle police reform

“The court and the citizens of Seattle will not be held hostage for increased payments and benefits ,” U.S. District Judge James Robart said of contract talks, adding, “I’m sure the entire city of Seattle would march behind me.”
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Judge James Robart: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

James Robart, a Seattle federal judge, issued a restraining order temporarily stopping Trump’s immigration ban, which some call a Muslim…
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Meet the Bush-nominated federal judge who halted Trump’s executive order

Judge James L. Robart’s order would challenge a White House that had spent all week defending the ban.
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‘So-Called’ Judge Criticized by Trump Is Known as a Mainstream Republican

Judge James Robart, who blocked the president’s immigration order, is described by those who know him as a “judge’s judge” unafraid of making unpopular rulings.
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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Judge James Robart

The Seattle-based federal judge halted president donald trump’s executive order.
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Court Temporarily Blocks Trump’s Travel Ban, and Airlines Are Told to Allow Passengers

A judge in Seattle ordered a nationwide halt to the ban while a Boston court refused to extend a stay. Earlier the State Department said 60,000 visas had been revoked.
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Impeach Judge James Robart for violating sovereignty and Constitution

The impeachment power was designed specifically for these situations.
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James Robart, federal judge, declares ‘black lives matter’ in court

U.S. District Judge James Robart declared “black lives matter” in court Monday during a hearing on Seattle police reform.
Source: www.washingtontimes.com

Federal judge in Seattle temporarily halts Trump’s immigration order nationwide

A federal judge in Seattle brought the Trump administration’s executive order on immigration to a halt nationwide Friday, issuing a temporary restraining order in U.S. District Court until further hearings can be held.
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Federal Judge Temporarily Halts Trump Order on Immigration, Refugees

A federal judge in Seattle temporarily blocked President Donald Trump’s executive order on immigration and refugees, a decision that applies nationwide to thousands of people holding visas to travel to the U.S. Mr. Trump called the judge’s order ‘ridiculous.’.
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State of Washington vs. Donald J. Trump, et al

Feb 3, 2017 Western District of Washington Case, 02/3/2017, 1:00 PM (PST), Seattle Federal Courthouse, Seattle, WA, Judge James L. Robart presiding.
Source: www.uscourts.gov

Judge Robart: Not A Republican Judge

Source: www.nationalreview.com

Judge rejects administration request for delay, rules trump travel ban case can proceed in Seattle

SEATTLE — A federal judge in Seattle said Monday that a lawsuit by Washington state challenging President Donald Trump’s travel ban will proceed as an appellate court considers a preliminary injunction in the case. U.S. District Judge James Robart, who previously issued a temporary restraining order halting the ban, ruled Monday the lawsuit can go forward.
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Meet James Robart, the judge who halted Trump’s immigration ban

The federal judge who blocked President Trump’s immigration ban spent more than 30 years in private practice before taking the bench, giving up a lucrative career that saw him representing breweries, energy companies and Southeast Asian immigrants.
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